Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hannah & Colin's Announcement, Part 3

So, here we are, day three.  Day one was design time and meeting with the Client, in this case Hannah and Colin, and getting the type-setting started.  Day two was when the materials arrived after about a week, and we started cutting up the parent sheet stock, and getting the first colour off and running.  Day three, colour mixing the Olive Green, positioning the die, make-ready, and touching base with Hannah, who decided not to print anything on the reverse of the RSVP, but rather, use that blank side for a reception activity.  Thus, we are done.

Here are some photographs of the final project.  I usually run several extras which I save for samples for future clients, so I ran over the needed 120 pieces.

Hannah wanted an Olive Green for the fern, which required a little custom mixing.  Now, very few of us Artisan types have a true scale for Pantone colour mixing, but we do have swatches which give us a pretty good idea what colours in what percentage offers up what colour, so with a little mixing with the ink knife on the ink disk of the press, we managed to balance out a great fern colour!  

Truth be told, uh . . . . Cindy actually did the eyeball work.

Nailed it!  What made it a bit complicated was the Ecru colour of the stock, but we did get a good colour match.  Thanks, Cindy!!

And here it is.  The fern snugged right in there with the type.  I cheated a little, really, when I set the type: I made a computer model using 18 pt. Caslon Open, which I have on my computer, and used 12 pt. Times Roman to give me a general computer rendition of the spacing, leading, and drift justification to accommodate the curve of the fern.  It actually worked out very nicely! 

So, this was it.  Job done, and tomorrow, Labor Day, the staff at Paper Wren will be invading St. Augustine for a hearty Last Hurrah for the Summer.  Time to break into the Winter Wedding Season with a job on the November Horizon involving an original design by Anna Coleman.

Stay tuned!

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