Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mama's Sauce and the Paper Wren Celebrates Seven-Or-So-Years.

Seven (or so . . . I was just notified by Linkedin that it's been seven) years ago, Nick Sambrato, of Mama's Sauce, asked me to meet him down at his shop in Winter Park, FL., to help him install his first Letterpress.  We first met via email, through a Letterpress mail group.  Since we were in close proximity to each other, and since I was probably at that time the only guy in Central Florida doing anything with Letterpress, it was only natural that we get together and have some Letterpress fun.  At this time I printed under the impress:  "G. Johanson, Printer".

Nick was installing a 1950s era 12 x 18 Kluge Automatic, a stunning example of 1940s era "robotics".  Chase Heavner was, I believe, Nick's first Letterpress client.  Chase owns a production company ("Fiction"), so as we set up to print his card, he brought in his crewe to shoot the process.  This video was the result.   It's been around for a while, now, but I am still getting responses from it, largely from the UK, every now and again.
So, to celebrate, what, seven years now? - Nick, Joey, and the Gang,  here's to you and the guys.  I have always valued our association and friendship.  Long live  "die Schwarze Kunst!" 

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